Hacka Doll The Animation

GJM’s subs were used for this release. We really like GJM’s work, and so to show our respect we included two subtitle tracks: one with honorifics and the lightest of light editing (default), and one with GJM’s untouched, no honorifics script. We hope GJM comes back one day!


Encoding: Z4ST1N, LastReaction
TL: Crunchyroll, GJM (escro – songs)
Timing: GJM (skiddiks)
Styling: GJM (Fyurie)
Editing: GJM (Fyurie), Kuromii (default track)
TS: GJM (Fyurie)
QC: CaptainJet

[SmugCat] Hacka Doll the Animation [BD 1080p 10bit FLAC]
AniDex | Nyaa | AnimeBytes

[SmugCat] Hacka Doll The Animation [BD 720p 10bit AAC]
AniDex | Nyaa | AnimeBytes

11 thoughts to “Hacka Doll The Animation”

  1. You all sent Sally to the shadow realm lmao xD. This must’ve been some kinda Julius Caesar vs. Brutus and Co. plot.

    Question/ Requests:
    1. Will you all be taking requests?
    2. Will releases be dubbed if dub track is available?
    3. Follow up on 1, if you all do take requests, please ignore all requests from CapedBaldy and/or Dylan21. Same dude with the same annoying requests every time.

    1. 1. We won’t IGNORE requests but generally speaking we have a list of shows that’s already expanding for potential releases, and we have priority-queueing on the list depending on who wants to do it.
      2. Probably, but only at release. We will not be going back to add dubs to things we already released typically.
      3. N/A

    2. There seems to be some misunderstanding about SallySubs. We are not the new SallySubs. We didn’t do anything to Sally or the site. Jet and I were not happy with how the group was ran and some other things that I won’t go into, so we decided that instead of waiting for Sally to close us down we’d start our own group. Other members of staff then decided to join too. There’s been no backstabbing going on, no plotting, nothing.

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