Yuri!!! on ICE – Volume 6 (Fin)

And that’s a wrap!

Yuri on Ice is finally done! Stay tuned for the eventual batch release! It will have updated TS and a couple new encodes!

Encoding: motbob
TLC: Kuromii
Timing: Kuromii, LR
Dialogue styling: Kuromii
OP/ED: YnK subs, modified
Editing: Kuromii (1-2), Shuiro (3-12)
Typesetting: motbob (1-7), Abe (8-12*)
QC: motbob (1-2), Kuromii

*the base for some of the simple signs came from YnK’s subs, but all signs were revised to some degree or another.

[SmugCat] Yuri!!! on ICE – Vol.6 [BD 810p 10bit FLAC]
Nyaa | AniDex

6 thoughts to “Yuri!!! on ICE – Volume 6 (Fin)”

  1. Any plans for Legend of the Galactic Heroes die nues or whatever it is? I hear you like it.
    :^) – its 2018, we dont judge.

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