Anime-Gataris – Batch

And its straight to batch we go with this series! This is because the blu-ray was released in a single box, so we are following suit.

We started working on this series near the beginning of the new year. neko-shi kindly asked if I’d like any of my purchased blu-rays encoded by him, and I took him up on the offer and asked him to do Anime-Gataris (as well as the series Days, which we’re not doing). He released his encodes ahead of us releasing the subbed version, which can be found on nyaa.

This series took a lot longer to complete than we initially thought. At first we had a deadline of mid July, and as you can see that didn’t happen. However, we’re pleased with the final product and hope everyone who watches it enjoys it.

This release is 4:4:4 for those who are interested.

There are a couple of notes I’d like to make about this series and some of our decisions we made. First of all, lets start with the names.

The characters Alice and Erica are far more commonly known as Arisu and Erika, thanks to Crunchyroll’s subs for the series. These are in fact incorrect, as seen on both the official site and also the supplementary book that came with the blu-rays:


“But wait!” I hear you shriek indignantly, “You kept Bei Bei’s name as CR spelled it! Her official name is Baby!”

Correct, her official name is Baby. However, this is beyond retarded and we can only hope that this was a massive mistake made by the studio, so we have stuck with Bei Bei. Alice and Erica’s real name spellings are perfectly fitting and reasonable; “Baby” is not. We hope you agree!


“Why the sudden change in dialogue fonts for some scenes in episode 11?”

Our lad Etzimal went and looked up the anime that A-G was referencing in these scenes and he copied the fonts from the fansubbed releases. For example, on the top, the gradual introduction of the black bars on the sides of the screen were reference to how anime (and all TV) was produced in 4:3 rather than 16:9, so a standard font common in those times was chosen. On the bottom we see Yui posing in Machiko-sensei’s trademark pose from Maicching Machiko-sensei, an ecchi comedy anime from the 80s.


“Why Christmas?”

The final episode of the series aired on Christmas Eve, and the blu-ray box set went on sale on Christmas Day (and arrived with me on 27th Dec – colour me impressed at the shipping speed!).

I enjoyed this anime thoroughly, although I know that a lot of people who watched it as it aired didn’t. I found it to be fun and silly with a really, really odd ending.

Encoding: neko-shi
TLC: Kuromii
Timing: Kuromii
OP TL: Lyrical Nonsense, modified
OP styling: Kuromii
ED TL: DubstepKazoo
ED kfx & styling: Ryutai
Editing: Kuromii
Typesetting: Scyrous, Baal, Etzimal, Astral (ep7)
QC: Etzimal, Baal
Extra fun: Etzimal, Baal

[SmugNeko] Anime-Gataris [BD 720p 10bit AAC]
Nyaa | AniDex | AnimeBytes


Correct CRC for Episode 11 is [D5D3B6F5], sorry for the inconvenience.

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