Yuri!!! on ICE – Batch

Yes, we were born to make history ♪

This is way overdue. Abe delayed the batch TS checking/amendments by a good six months last year, then I delayed from November to now because of Goblin Slayer and then taking a two month break from subbing because I hate it

The batch features:

New encodes for episodes 1 and 2
Re-timed episodes 1 and 2
Timing re-checked in episodes 3 – 12
New ED kfx
Fixed OP kfx
Adjusted/added/improved TSing, particularly in the later episodes
Marginally smaller dialogue fonts (56 -> 55)
General batch QC

Patch for episodes 3 – 12 (episodes 1 and 2 can’t be patched due to the new encodes)

Encoding: motbob (series), Scyrous (Barcelona special)
TLC: Kuromii
Timing: Kuromii
Original OP kfx: YnK subs (fixed by Ryutai)
ED kfx: Ryutai
Editing: Shuiro, Kuromii
Typesetting: motbob, Abe (episodes 8-12 and batch)
Batch QC: Kuromii

[SmugCat] Yuri!!! on ICE [BD 810p 10bit FLAC]
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4 thoughts to “Yuri!!! on ICE – Batch”

  1. Thank you very much! I’ve been waiting to download ever since the release of volume 1. I appreciate all the hard work everyone has put into this and I’m glad there’s finally a quality Blu ray release with fixed animation and a better translation.

  2. The MEGA patch for this lists different filenames, leading to no patches being applied. “The system cannot find the file specified.” Renaming the filename on the video to the one listed in the cmd results in a checksum failure and thus no changes made. Is it possible for you guys to update the filenames on the Patch Files?

    EG> Filename on torrent: [SmugCat] Yuri!!! on ICE – 03v2 [BD 810p 10bit FLAC] [18BC0BC5].mkv
    Filename on .bat: [SmugCat] Yuri!!! on ICE – 03 [BD 810p 10bit FLAC] [CD087BF6].mkv

    1. The patch is for the volume release, notice how the file names in the .bat are identical to the volume torrent’s file names https://nyaa.si/view/998940
      The patch updates the subtitles for the volume release to those of the batch so the end product becomes what you see in the batch release. The batch itself doesn’t need patching. The patch is just for convenience for people who don’t want to redownload episodes they already have.

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