Goblin Slayer – WEB Batch

It’s like 3 months late, but oh well. You can thank both Ryu and Kuromii for the delays. I took 2 months off from subbing at the start of the year and so that meant I wasn’t bothering poor Ryu constantly for the updated OP kfx/lyrics, and then suddenly it was March and we still hadn’t done the batch. Then I delayed again because of real life. Yay!

The BD releases will be out a lot sooner than this web batch.

Changes made to the batch:

Changed main dialogue font to something less shit
Updated OP lyrics to include official chant lyrics
Updated insert in ep7 with official lyrics
Fixed noted errors
Edited a few lines here and there, nothing major
General batch QC

Encoding: Scyrous
TLC: Kuromii
Timing: Kuromii
OP ED kfx: Ryutai
OP/insert lyrics: Official
ED lyrics TL: Tenshi_Isa, Kuromii
Editing: CaptainJet, Kuromii
Typesetting: Scyrous, Ryutai
Batch QC: Kuromii

[SmugCat] Goblin Slayer [WEB 720p Hi444PP AAC]
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Yuri!!! on ICE – Batch

Yes, we were born to make history ♪

This is way overdue. Abe delayed the batch TS checking/amendments by a good six months last year, then I delayed from November to now because of Goblin Slayer and then taking a two month break from subbing because I hate it

The batch features:

New encodes for episodes 1 and 2
Re-timed episodes 1 and 2
Timing re-checked in episodes 3 – 12
New ED kfx
Fixed OP kfx
Adjusted/added/improved TSing, particularly in the later episodes
Marginally smaller dialogue fonts (56 -> 55)
General batch QC

Patch for episodes 3 – 12 (episodes 1 and 2 can’t be patched due to the new encodes)

Encoding: motbob (series), Scyrous (Barcelona special)
TLC: Kuromii
Timing: Kuromii
Original OP kfx: YnK subs (fixed by Ryutai)
ED kfx: Ryutai
Editing: Shuiro, Kuromii
Typesetting: motbob, Abe (episodes 8-12 and batch)
Batch QC: Kuromii

[SmugCat] Yuri!!! on ICE [BD 810p 10bit FLAC]
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Goblin Slayer Episode 12

Thank you for joining the smuggest sub group around!

And that’s a wrap! We’re done! Finished! Thank you to everyone who watched our releases and we’re sorry for all the real life things that delayed us, from birthdays to engagements to Christmas, we’ve seen it all in these last three months!

We’ll see you for the batch release which will include a couple of fixes, updated OP stuff, and a dialogue font change because wtf was I thinking.

[SmugCat] Goblin Slayer – 12 [WEB 720p Hi444PP AAC] [0C2FC147]
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Goblin Slayer Episode 10.5 (recap)


Not gonna lie, I was so looking forward to Goblin Slayer being done and dusted this weekend, and then White Fox go and pull this recap shit and delay the end of the series by a week.

Major thanks to Scyrous for taking care of all things timing-wise this week because I didn’t have time/didn’t want to work on the recap ♥

[SmugCat] Goblin Slayer – 10.5 [WEB 720p Hi444PP AAC] [2A6DE4FF]
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Goblin Slayer Episode 08


There are two reasons why we are later than usual this week:

  • We are now using German Wakanim’s audio as it’s loads better, and that comes out after Russia’s, which was what we were using previously. We’ve patched episodes 02-07 to include the German Wakanim audio, which can be found here. Many thanks to motbob for pointing this out and for the legwork he did helping us improve.
  • KUROMII GOT ENGAGED!!! Her boyfriend proposed on Saturday and she subsequently lost all interest in everything other than looking at wedding dresses. Hopefully she’ll be back on form for episode 09!

I can’t remember the last time a fansubber got engaged/married. Anyone else know? I’d love to hear some stories!

[SmugCat] Goblin Slayer – 08 [WEB 720p Hi444PP AAC] [62B9A454]
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Goblin Slayer Episode 07

Jet when his cat thinks he can take him on

Scyrous fixed the problem with the credits as best described here, if you’re not already aware of what nonsense was pulled this week. This is thanks to Nala_Alan for providing the BS11 .ts, and to eXmendiC and motbob for their quick help and tips. Thanks, doods!

The ending song for this episode will be included on the OP CD that comes out on 5th December. If we got the lyrics wrong (which is possible), we’ll correct them for the batch.

[SmugCat] Goblin Slayer – 07 [WEB 720p Hi444PP AAC] [AC8AF1B5]
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