Goblin Slayer Episode 02

Fucking dropped.

This week’s release was delayed by Kuromii celebrating her birthday over five days, so please blame her for the long wait. Episode 3 will be back on track with a Sunday/Monday release!

Please thank Goshi for translating the Japanese lines in the OP! ED lyrics/kfx will come at a later date.

[SmugCat] Goblin Slayer – 02 [WEB 720p Hi444PP AAC] [A0BDB02E]
Nyaa | AniDex

Goblin Slayer Episode 01

A blu-ray group doing an airing show?! Why?!

Because CaptainJet kept on at us. For months. And months. And did not shut up about fucking Goblin Slayer. So we’re doing it airing and will do the BDs too.
Sorry about the delay, first week and all that. Feedback is welcome!

These are the people who have dedicated themselves to slaying goblins:

TS: Abe, Ryutai (will do kfx later)
Edit: CaptainJet, Kuromii
Timing: Kuromii
TLC: Kuromii
QC: CaptainJet, Kuromii
Encode: Scyrous

[SmugCat] Goblin Slayer – 01 [WEB 720p Hi444PP AAC] [C037A818]
Nyaa | AniDex

Anime-Gataris – Batch

And its straight to batch we go with this series! This is because the blu-ray was released in a single box, so we are following suit.

We started working on this series near the beginning of the new year. neko-shi kindly asked if I’d like any of my purchased blu-rays encoded by him, and I took him up on the offer and asked him to do Anime-Gataris (as well as the series Days, which we’re not doing). He released his encodes ahead of us releasing the subbed version, which can be found on nyaa.

This series took a lot longer to complete than we initially thought. At first we had a deadline of mid July, and as you can see that didn’t happen. However, we’re pleased with the final product and hope everyone who watches it enjoys it.

This release is 4:4:4 for those who are interested.

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All Out!! – Volume 1

Kicking off one of our new projects with the first volume of the sports anime All Out!! It’s a fun series about rugby that has a bit more to it than it may seem at first. Some of the character designs are really odd and take some getting used to, but imo that helps make it unique.

All Out was a series that I wanted to see get a proper BD release right from the get-go, and even purchased the BDs to allow us to sub it. My good friend neko-shi kindly agreed to encode my discs, and then before he could finish, someone else shared them on U2! Talk about timing – I coulda saved a load of $$$.

Major thanks to both neko-shi and Ryutai who are helping me achieve my goal of seeing this series done right. We wouldn’t be able to release this without them!

Encoder: neko-shi
OP kfx & cleaning up Kuromii’s TSing horrors: Ryutai
Everything else: Kuromii

[SmugNeko] All Out!! – Vol.1 [BD 1080p 10bit FLAC]
Nyaa | AniDex