Hacka Doll The Animation

GJM’s subs were used for this release. We really like GJM’s work, and so to show our respect we included two subtitle tracks: one with honorifics and the lightest of light editing (default), and one with GJM’s untouched, no honorifics script. We hope GJM comes back one day!


Encoding: Z4ST1N, LastReaction
TL: Crunchyroll, GJM (escro – songs)
Timing: GJM (skiddiks)
Styling: GJM (Fyurie)
Editing: GJM (Fyurie), Kuromii (default track)
TS: GJM (Fyurie)
QC: CaptainJet

[SmugCat] Hacka Doll the Animation [BD 1080p 10bit FLAC]
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[SmugCat] Hacka Doll The Animation [BD 720p 10bit AAC]
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