Goblin Slayer – WEB Batch

It’s like 3 months late, but oh well. You can thank both Ryu and Kuromii for the delays. I took 2 months off from subbing at the start of the year and so that meant I wasn’t bothering poor Ryu constantly for the updated OP kfx/lyrics, and then suddenly it was March and we still hadn’t done the batch. Then I delayed again because of real life. Yay!

The BD releases will be out a lot sooner than this web batch.

Changes made to the batch:

Changed main dialogue font to something less shit
Updated OP lyrics to include official chant lyrics
Updated insert in ep7 with official lyrics
Fixed noted errors
Edited a few lines here and there, nothing major
General batch QC

Encoding: Scyrous
TLC: Kuromii
Timing: Kuromii
OP ED kfx: Ryutai
OP/insert lyrics: Official
ED lyrics TL: Tenshi_Isa, Kuromii
Editing: CaptainJet, Kuromii
Typesetting: Scyrous, Ryutai
Batch QC: Kuromii

[SmugCat] Goblin Slayer [WEB 720p Hi444PP AAC]
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